Tug of Being
a preview installation of Too much to CHEW and enacting Tug of being at Slum Party Oworonshoki Lagos
insert text and stills

collaboration with Amaka Obioma and Ayankunle Moses


Tug of Being is a piece bordering on space as a materialistic creation of humans. Exploring the current civilization and capitalism and its ways of neglecting communal care, love and support to postering a rather individual view. The piece sits on the fence while nudging the participants/viewers to reflect on the importance of care, support and interconnectedness of humans despite race, sexuality, religion and status.

Tug of Being is a sequel performance of Too Much to CHEW, an installation of curated public opinion on the nationhood of Nigeria, Necropolitical and biopolitics and its relation to Nations and the life of her citizens.

Too much to CHEW

A socio-political exploration of the Nigerian state. Based on a collaboration with the public, the artist assembled different archival materials to make visible the positions and perspectives of Nigerian communities. The project challenges existing thought patterns to create a space where concepts of nationhood, governance and citizenry can be questioned or redefined.