Labour of Our Heroes
The performance is a solo session featuring James Notin for AltxTru 2/4
Location: 10/10 Bar Oyebamiji Street, Bashorun Ibadan.


In our quest to respond to the clarion calls of humanity, nationalism and dogmas, it is essential to consider those praised as exceptional and given laurels. In a national state such as Nigeria, it becomes vital to discuss who the heroes are, and what their deeds are that distinguish them aside other citizens of their time.

Through these conversations, we can critically engage the processes which proceed with national awards. Is corruption and biases the basis for meriting such awards? Perhaps I’m making this a complex situation to engage in since I also find it difficult to agree with most heroes the country praises.

Knowing the case of Odi, should I praise Obasanjo as a hero, Buhari, Gowon, Dangote… I will swiftly raise a glass of wine to the name of Ken Saro Wiwa, Fela Kuti, or perhaps Obafemi Awolowo.

In this performance, I am hoping to once again relate the reality of young Nigerians in identifying with the nation as a citizen, as part of the dream of the country, as the future and hope of the nation, and more correspondingly, as a human trying to ensure the Labour of the heroes past is enough to hold on to in this bleak period.