Feast of Objectified Bodies
location: Bariga, Lagos Nigeria

a collaboration with Dimeji Alabi


The body carries us. It is also the first Exposition of who we are as individuals and as a society. In a Western influence global system, the sight is the most appreciated sense organ since it yields more to the requests of consumerism and the capitalist system that dominates the world.

Gaze, sight and visual representation are what we look for and judge people on this prevalent system aid in profiling and oppression of individuals. If the world sees the human body as the entirety of a human, how much for insects, nature and communities? The world is constantly in a feast of objectifying bodies, and the objectified (oppressed) often have to find ways to own, revoke or deny such gazes.

This performance will objectify the Artist's body and invite collaborators (@artofalabi enact their experience of objectifying the nature of the system we exist in on the Artist as a means of criticizing the sense of sight and its effect on human society.